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Coronavirus Update

Dear Patients and Families,

As of March 23rd, the Ohio Governor has mandated a Stay at Home order to all citizens and businesses that are deemed as non-essential until April 6th. Therefore, the office will remain closed until April 6th or until further notice if the order is extended. In case of an extreme orthodontic emergency you can either text our office phone number at 513-533-4200.

As we have said before, we pray for overall health for our patients, staff, and families. We are thinking of each and everyone one of our patients during this time and we cannot wait to have all of your smiling faces back in our office. We will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves and keep you updated.

We realize that although we are ordered to shut our doors to non-essential appointments, you might have orthodontic concerns. Therefore, we have compiled a list of possible orthodontic issues you might face. There are many at home solutions to these problems.

  • Broken or Loose Brackets: Brackets can break off or come loose if you eat hard foods. If this happens, cover the bracket with wax to hold it in place.

  • Broken/Lost Retainer: If your retainer is able to be worn do your best to wear it night time only. Unfortunately, we are unable to make a new retainer and we will see you for an appointment after we are able to open our doors again.

  • Irritated Lips/Cheeks and Sores: If your braces/aligners are irritating your lips/cheeks or creating sores, wax will be your go to. Just cover the irritating area of your braces with the wax. You could also make a saltwater solution by mixing one teaspoon of salt with warm water. Swish the rinse around in your mouth before spitting it out to soothe your mouth. Repeat throughout the day.

  • Fixed retainer came loose: A fixed retainer pertains to the wire that is bonded to the back of your teeth after treatment. If this comes loose you can clip it with sterilized nail clippers and use a nail file to buffer the sharp edge. If you have taken it off make sure you practice good retainer wear so your teeth do not shift.

  • Poking Wires: Place a ball of wax over the pokey part to create a barrier between the wire and the inside of your mouth. If the wire is really long, sterilize a pair of nail clippers and carefully trim away the excess wire.

  • Loose Rubber Band: Sometimes the tiny elastics on your braces brackets can come loose. If this happens, sterilize a pair of tweezers with alcohol and try to guide the rubber band back in place.

  • Lost/Broken Clear Aligner: If you feel as though your next set of aligners are fitting correctly then wear those. However, if you feel like they are not fitting correctly please go back down to the previous aligners and wear those night time only until we are able to open our office again.


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