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Coronavirus Update in Cincinnati



Dear Patients of Grace Kerr Orthodontics,


Here are a few of our current in office changes and guidelines:

  • We will be staggering patient appointments to reduce the number of people in the office and to maintain social distancing.


  • Any patient experiencing flu-like symptoms or fever, feeling sick or that has been exposed to anyone suspected to have been exposed to COVID-19, please reschedule your appointment and please do not enter the office.


  • Anyone entering the office will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire and have their temperature taken.


  • When arriving for your appointment, we ask that you text our office (513-533-4200) with the patient’s name and car make/color. Our parking lot will be our new waiting room!


  • For your safety and the safety of our other patients, we strongly prefer for anyone accompanying a patient to wait in the car during the exam unless the patient is under 6 years old. Caregivers and guardians assisting patients with special needs are welcome to accompany the patient to the treatment area.  


  • For new patients or patients with consults under 18, parent/guardians may accompany the patient into the office.


  • We ask that all patients/guardians wear a facial covering. If you do not have one, we will provide one.


  • If you are unable to make your appointment, please give us a 24-hour notice or there will be a $75 no show charge.


  • Our tooth brushing stations are closed for now. Please brush your teeth thoroughly before coming to your appointment.


  • We have purchased a Dental Suction System that collects the aersols produced by certain orthodontic procedures. 


  • We have made some upgrades to our office to ensure air is clean and pathogen free. We have the Puradigm® ZONE™, which is a revolutionary air and surface purification system. It has this amazing UV light filtration system to kill bacteria and germs as the unit filters the air that passes through it.

    We also have the Puradigm® HVAC™ system that integrates with our existing heating and air conditioning system to provide a 24/7 solution for active air & surface purification.


Finally, for your convenience and safety, we will continue to offer virtual appointments and consultations.


Our staff and patients are our family, and we are doing everything we can to keep our family safe. We thank you for your understanding and patience and look forward to seeing you again very soon!


Dr. Grace Kerr and Team

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