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Diode Laser Treatment

The technology that is available to us today makes treating our patients much more efficient and this leads to better care for our patient. Dr. Kerr has invested in the Spectralase Diode Laser. It is the most advanced laser technology to insure the most comfortable patient experience.

Sometimes we have gum tissue covering a tooth that will not allow us to place a bracket. We now have a safe and painless way to gently remove the tissue from the tooth and greatly reduce treatment time.

In the past, we would wait up to a year for the tooth to erupt or refer to another specialist for an inconvenient and costly (over $1000) procedure.

Using only a little topical anesthetic, this laser can painlessly wipe away tissue to expose enough tooth to place a bracket exactly where it needs to be placed.

Lasers have been used in all forms of medicine since the 1970s and in 1991 the first dental laser received FDA clearance after extensive safety testing.

Only the most advanced orthodontists use this technology.

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