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Kerr Tokens

We also have a good brushing incentive. At each visit, patients can earn wooden nickels, known as Kerr Tokens, for good brushing and cooperation. Patients can earn four tokens at each visit.  The first token rewarded is for good oral hygiene and brushing.  The additional three tokens rewarded are for cooperation, nothing loose or broken, being on time for appointments, and the last is for wearing your Grace Kerr Orthodntics T-shirt.  These tokens can be redeemed throughout the course of treatment for various prizes, including gift cards and more! Make sure you ask at your next visit how you can start earning your Kerr Tokens! The token system works as follows:

You can earn 1 token for clean teeth and healthy gums.

If you have clean teeth, you can win additional Tokens for:

  • No Broken Brackets= 1 Token
  • Being on Time for Appointments = 1 Token
  • Wearing your Grace Kerr Orthodontics shirt/hat to your appointment= 1 Token
  • Six Month Dental Checkups with Receipt= 5 Tokens

You earn points for each of the above criteria. You can redeem the tokens for fabulous prizes and gifts throughout the course of treatment.  You can view the various prizes/gift card listing in our display case in the reception area.   Below we have a listing of the current gift cards available.


Gift Card Selections:

  • Amazon
  • Chipotle
  • Graeter's
  • Starbucks
  • Target
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